Sevyn Streeter Hosts HBO’s “Insecure” Watch Party That Premiered Her New Song “Yernin”

Sevyn Streeter Hosts HBO’s "Insecure" Watch Party That Premiered Her New Song “Yernin”

 Sevyn Streeter Hosts HBO Insecure Watch Party That Premiered Her New Song “Yernin”

Her new single premiered as Sevyn Streeter hosts HBO Insecure watch party with her closest friends at the PrettyLittleThing showroom in Los Angeles

Sevyn, who claimed she is a fan of Insecure gathered around to catch Episode 6 “Ready-Like,” where her upcoming single, “Yernin,” made its world premiere on the celebrated show. As the show which is about Issa Rae’s life was on going, Sevyn talk and laughed along with friends to make it more lively.

Before ending her performance she talked about how passionate she is about her music saying,

“I love being a singer, I love being a songwriter. I know that my fans have been extremely patient because you know, I’m just like, people who work with me, y’all know how I am. I’m like a perfectionist and if shit isn’t right, I’m not going to release it. So I like to take my time.”

Sevyn Streeter was a sought-after songwriter before releasing her first album. Her catalog includes credits on Ariana Grande’s “The Way,” Tamar Braxton’s “All The Way Home” and many songs with fellow singer Chris Brown.

She gained widespread attention when she released the remix to “It Won’t Stop” along with Brown which went certified Gold. Sevyn continued to release more charting singles which ultimately lunged her into the spotlight.

“Yernin” drops this Friday, September 21 on all digital platforms.


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